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The secret of rejuvenation revealed

YVEARAY, pronounced ‘ee-vah-ray’, is an Australian beauty, fashion and lifestyle luxury brand for women who want safe, chemical-free and natural skincare secrets.

Because our brand isn’t for us. It’s for you.

It’s for the woman who treats her skincare routine as an act of self-love and care.

The woman who understands the importance of youthful, supple skin.

The woman who doesn’t follow trends. But sets them.

We believe the smallest moments of your life deserve absolute luxury. That’s why all products are created, formulated and produced right here in Australia. Targeting wrinkles, scars and age-spots, our latest product range is more than an anti-ageing innovation.

It’s the essence of Australian beauty, like slipping on your favourite dress and turning heads.

It’s a lifestyle choice that also protects you from bacteria and contagions. 


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Our brand values

100% Australian Made & Owned

We’re proud our entire range is designed, formulated and produced in Australia. 

We’re passionate about conceiving, designing and creating the best line of luxury products possible. 

And we review every individual product source, ingredient, formulation and manufacturing process ourselves

Luxury living

We make no compromises on the quality and feel of our products.

Using only the finest, natural, high quality ingredients and materials so you can treat yourself or those you love. 

Our skincare products have a combination of active ingredients to ensure health and wellness with dynamic results.

Less is More

Our skincare range is beautifully simple and aims to work on problem areas and leave your skin rejuvenated. 

Our products are about nurturing your inner and outer beauty and providing a flawless elegance. 

Luxury that works.

Anti-ageing Results

The right skincare is an act of self-love.

Each product is designed to provide lasting bacterial protection and hydration.

Reducing the effect of scars, wrinkles and age-spots, you’re not just caring for your skin. But giving it the love it deserves.

Featured products

Classic Range – Body essence lotion

The Essential Body Lotion is lightweight and natural in replenishing the skin’s softness.

With the buttery, soft feel of nourishing vitamins and minerals, your skin won’t just feel good, it will be healthy too. 

Classic Range – Face essence lotion

Hydrate your skin with the perfect balance of a daily moisturising cream that’s lightweight. 

Smooth and creamy, yet soft and delicate on the skin. This facial moisturiser helps to reduce the look of dark spots, scaring and wrinkles.

Exclusive RangE – Face hydro potion

Coming soon…


Coming soon…

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‘My skin feels amazing. In 3 months I’ve started to see my scars disappear!’


‘My skin is usually quite sensitive but Yvearay has been great to use every day and I’ve seen a huge difference in the smoothness of my skin. I would definitely recommend to all my friends’


‘What’s great about the hand protector is that it’s so much better than a hand sanitiser. It doesn’t dry my hands out at all’



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